Artesanías MONGAR S.L.
Carretera de Tricio, s/n.
26300 - NÁJERA - La Rioja (SPAIN)
Tel./Fax. + (34) 941 360 814

ARTESANIAS MONGAR, S.L. it is a dedicated company, from 1977, exclusively to the polyurethane.
Every year that passes we give better quality and service thanks to the incorporation of new technologies.
Likewise, we incorporate new designs in the products dedicated to the hobbies and beautiful arts.
In the sector of the furniture (home, kitchen, bath, etc) we made all kinds of light-fittings, lintels, heights, moldings, etc.
For the advertising, we create and produce everything what the specialists in image ask us.

In Artesanias Mongar we are grateful for the confidence to our clients
and innovate to correspond with the attention that these is deserved.